Zeus OG


What is Zeus OG?

Zeus OG is a hybrid cross between Pineapple OG and Deadhead OG bred by A Greener Today’s Dankczar. It took first place in the “Best Medical Hybrid” category of the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup.



Zeus OG

Zeus OG  marijuana strain is a pure Sativacannabis strain. This leaf hails from the labs of Crop King Seeds. Zeus plants produce heavy yields that drip with resin. Flowering time lasts for around 10 weeks. Zeus plants are renowned for its high THC levels of around 17% to 19%. This marijuana strain produces over 500g per plant, indoors. Zeus marijuana strain is good for morning and daytime use.


Breeder: Crop King Seeds. Genetics: Zeus cannabis strain is a cross between Original Kush and Skunk.

About this Hybrid Strain

“Best Medical Hybrid” at the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup. Its buds are shaped like spades and quite dense, emitting a tropical pineapple flavor with undertones of sweet spices and/or mango.

THC levels of Zeus OG average between 17-19% and it usually has higher-than-normal CBD levels (thus its win for medical hybrid). Its high will slowly bring on a physical state of sedation, easing the muscles and entire body of aches and pains. Simultaneously, the mind will also ease as racing thoughts come to a halt, calming into a light state of euphoria. The body high will come in warm waves as both stress and anxiety are slowly depleted.

Negative side-effects include paranoia or dizziness besides your usual dry eyes and mouth.

It takes ten weeks for Zeus OG to fully blossom, being best grown indoors.

Lab Analysis

Cannabinoid Amount
THC 17-19%
CBD 1%


Zeus OG is the result of crossing the genetics of the hybrid Pineapple OG with the hybrid Deadhead OG.


“Best Medical Hybrid” at the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, 1 oz


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