Bakerstreet Pre-Rolled Joint


Bakerstreet is an indica-overwhelming strain from Tweed with dark green trichome-secured buds and exceptionally solid THC strength potential.

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Bakerstreet PreRoll

Bakerstreet from Tweed is a nursery developed indica-prevailing strain with exceptionally solid THC intensity potential. Also , Its thick, dark green buds are featured with orange-tinted pistils and secured with trichomes, and the terpinolene in its terpene profile gives it a juniper aroma. Additionally, It’s accessible in different drie blossom sizes and pre-rolls. Order Bakerstreet PreRoll online .

Item Properties

THC 12.0 – 24.0%

CBD 0.0 – 1.0%

PLANT Indica overwhelming

TERPENES Cymene, Eudesmols, Myrcene, Selinadienes, Terpinolene

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Additional information


30 in pack, 65 in pack, 150 in pack, 250 in pack


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