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  • Ice Wreck Strain

    By combining two high-potency strains, Ice and Trainwreck, Crop King Seeds has created a real knockout of a hybrid that has tested at over 27% THC. Ice Wreck blends the cerebral high of a sativa with the deep body stone of an indica into one great package.
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  • Moon Rocks

    Moon rocks are a form of cannabis that shouldn’t be underestimated. They were made for connoisseurs looking for a way to elevate their smoking experience.
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  • Morpheus

    Morpheus is a crossbreed of Purple Power and Haze. It got its name from the god of dreams in Greek mythology that only appears when sleeping. From its name itself, this strain can take the user to the fantasy world of dreamland while being awake.
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    Tropicana Cookies by Tryke is a sativa-predominant Hybrid . Is Tropicana Cookies the most delectable strain you will ever experience? No. Yet, it is a strong passage into the Tryke family.
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