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  • Black Hash

    This is the good old fashioned hash you likely smoked back in the day using hot knives or with a pipe. Doesn't get much easier than this. Break off a few pieces and smell that unique hash aroma.
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  • Buy Moroccan Hash

    Moroccan  Hash is a hash clone. It is worldwide legal, and it will be legal forever. It does NOT contain any THC, synthetic cannabinoids or other research chemicals (like JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-250, AM-2209 etc.).
    4.00 out of 5
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  • Chemdawg Shatter

    Chemdawg Shatter is made utilizing only the finest of Chemdawg cannabis grown in Canada. Chemdawg is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is said to have originated with the Grateful Dead. This cannabis strain is very distinctly

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  • Chemo Crumble

    Chemo Crumble is derived from the Indica strain of cannabis known as Chemo which was originally developed to help chemotherapy patients combat nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite that is commonly associated with chemotherapy treatment.

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  • Gummy Candy

    The Gummy candy are soft and come in assorted flavours. They are also coated in sugar just like the gummy candies you get at the convenience store.
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  • Lemon Trainwreck Crumble

    Lemon Trainwreck Crumble is made from high quality Lemon Trainwreck cannabis crops utilizing solventless extraction methods so as to provide you with the clean and pure medical grade quality product you deserve.
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  • Mixed Indica Shatter

    Mixed Indica Shatter is made from a variety of different Indica strains of cannabis. Indica strains of cannabis are known for providing relaxing, calming, and sometimes even sedating effects.
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  • Premium Marble Grade Hash

    Premium Marble Grade Hash are simply estatic and proud to be offering! This amber hash has a nice smooth texture to the touch, and resembles a marble burlwood in appearance. It is quite elegant just in appearance alone. After smoking the amber hash, you soon come to realize that deep.
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  • Pure Fudge Squares

    These pure fudge squares are made of the finest chocolate, fudge and marshmallows. Sweet and tasty made fresh in Mom's Bakery. Each square contains approximately 1 to 2 grams and should be taken slowly.
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  • Sucker/Lollipop

    The Sucker/Lollipop are hard and come in assorted flavours. They are very tasty and are one serving per item. Please wait at least 2 hours for them to begin working and do not consume more than one at a time.
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  • THC/Alcohol Tequila

    Cocktails to Make with Weed-Infused Liquor You can really infuse any kind of liquor with marijuana, and it tastes great in any almost cocktail recipe, especially one with herbal notes. Here are a few of my favorites. Magic Dragon Margarita Mezcal is my favorite liquor for infusing, and according to a stoner chemist I met at a bar once, it contains the perfect pH and chemical makeup for the marijuana molecule to bond to the mezcal molecule. Science! Ingredients: 2 ounces weed-infused mezcal 1 ounce lime juice ¾ ounce triple sec ½ ounce simple syrup Salt rim Lime wheel garnish Directions: Shake with ice until cold and blended. Strain into double rocks glass rimmed with salt and filled with ice. Garnish with lime wheel and, if you’re feeling generous, extra bud. Forgotten Last Word
    Don’t expect to remember what you just said after drinking this pot-infused twist on the classic Prohibition-era cocktail the Last Word. The weed-infused gin pairs beautifully with green chartreuse, which has a similar herby flavor. Ingredients: ¾ ounce weed-infused gin ¾ ounce green chartreuse ¾ ounce maraschino liqueur ¾ ounce lime juice Directions: Shake with ice until cold and blended. Strain into cocktail glass. Chronic Cure During Prohibition, medical whiskey was sold the way medical marijuana is sold in many states today. Whether you have a prescription or not, this cocktail based on Sam Ross’s Penicillin will cure what ails you. Ingredients: 2 ounces weed-infused Irish whiskey 1 ounce honey syrup ¾ ounce lemon juice ½ ounce ginger juice Lemon wedge garnish Directions: Shake with ice until cold and blended. Strain into double rocks glass with ice. Garnish with lemon.
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