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  • Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

    Pineapple Express marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this cannabis remain unknown. Pineapple Express marijuana is very potent due to high THC content. The herb provides long-lasting energetic high. Beginners and users with low tolerance should be mindful of the dose to avoid paranoia. True to the name, the buds smell of tropical fruit. Pineapple Express marijuana is good for morning and daytime use due to stimulating properties.

    Type of High

    Pineapple Express marijuana strain induces happy cerebral high laced with creativity and uplifted mood. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social behavior. Followed by body-mind relaxation, pain control and appetite boost. May cause paranoia.


    Pineapple Express cannabis strain is a cross between Hawaiian and Trainwreck strains.

    Indica / Sativa Ratio

    • Sativa Dominant Hybrid (60% Sativa / 40% Indica)

    Average THC / CBD Level

    • 16.00/20.00% THC
    • 0.10/1.10% CBD
    • 0.05/0.52% CBN
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  • Sour Diesel

    Sativa Dominant Hybrid 90% Sativa / 10% Indica      THC: 26%, CBD: 2%, CBN: 4where to buy weed online,

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